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Will Hitchmough

7 Reasons Why People Can't Find Your Website

7 Reasons Why People Can't Find Your Website

Will Hitchmough

Will analyse's hundreds of websites every year, seeing the good and the bad. This seminar looks at the most common issues that arise time and time again and could be preventing                    your website from supporting your business growth.

Our founder, Will Hitchmough, worked at a number of high profile Sheffield Digital Agencies before founding Wildcat Digital in 2018. He brings an extensive knowledge of all things related to SEO, PPC and Paid Social, as well as an expert knowledge of digital strategy.

Digital Marketing can be a minefield for many businesses, with many agencies ready to take your money without knowing how to deliver results. I founded Wildcat Digital to deliver digital success to businesses with smaller budgets in a transparent way



PR + Links (Press Release that drives traffic)

David Johnson

In this session David will share 30 minutes of easy-to-follow hints and tips that you can use straight away to improve your online marketing, he will show you -

How to start generating MORE LEADS for your business

How you can put simple measures in place to improve the number of enquiries your business receives and how you can reach out to more of your ideal customers

Since 2016, David has built two businesses, spent time learning, watching the changes in the world, spent time in schools talking to children and kept up to speed with changes in SEO and Google.

In 2016, he created Loud Crowd marketing agency, specialising in help companies and business owners capture the power of Google and utilise it to help them grow their organisations.

Attract & Retain The Best Work Force

Lisa Betsworth & Emily Oxford

In this session Lisa will walk you through the best most cost-effective way to recruit the best staff possible. However, when you have found them, the tick is to keep them. Over to Emily            who will give you some hints and tips about taking care of your best assets within the business, your employees.

Slice work with ambitious business owners like you. Those who want immediate internal support, providing Virtual Assistance, Recruitment and HR. By uniquely combining these services, we help fill a critical gap either stand alone, or transitioning from one to the other as you grow


Energise Your 9 to 5: Harnessing Lifestyle Habits to Boost Workplace Effectiveness

Nik Dodson


Nik Dodson, a preeminent authority in holistic well-being, boasts 35 years of dedicated practice in supplementary medicine, mindset and lifestyle coaching, nutrition, and physical therapy. His mastery in these domains radiates during interactions with clients, and his passion for empowering individuals truly flourishes in one-on-one sessions and small group settings. You will undoubtedly come away inspired and motivated by Nik's contagious energy and boundless enthusiasm for life, coupled with his unwavering commitment to guiding you towards a better version of yourself.

At the forefront of health and wellness enterprises in Yorkshire, Action4Health spearheads innovative, evidence-based research and practical implementation, ushering clients towards an enhanced life, improved well-being, and brilliant thinking.


Understanding your business journey

Hayley Koseoglu

In this seminar Hayley will take you through A guide to where you are, and how to move forward in your business.


I’m Hayley Koseoglu. My surname is Turkish… most people just call me Hayley K.

Born in Devon, I was raised in an ex-mining village in Derbyshire. I’m married and have two children.

I found my entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. People say that my business achievements are huge and yes, I have experienced a lot but, do you know what, it’s been hard work and not plain sailing.

One of my strengths has always been knowing what I want. I’ve tried to always stay focussed on my goals and that approach to life has paid off.

It’s paid off to the point that I can now help other business owners reach their goals too.

All that being said, you need to know, I’m still the down to earth person I always was. A spade is a spade.

You can tell me anything, I won’t be shocked.

Sustainability for Business Growth and Boosting Competitiveness

Veronica Broomes

Increasingly, customers, clients, employees and suppliers are keen to do business with firms that focus not only on profits (single bottom line), but also have a positive impact on people as well a avoid harming the planet. Furthermore, as criteria in tenders change to meet obligations for a 'low carbon' economy and high social impact/value, SMEs in the supply chain of larger organisations risk losing bids because they cannot address carbon, social impact or any of the other aspects of sustainability. For some business, however, there are fears of extra business costs, confusion about words and acronyms and limited step-by-step guidance about how to take meaningful action to be more competitive.

Through an overview of the basics about sustainability, insights into three key pillars of (environmental, social, economic), Veronica will explain:

*Why sustainability matters for SMEs

*Steps you can take to move from talk to action

*Myths and confusing terms about sustainability -dispelling myths

*Sustainability audits: catalyst in progressing your sustainability journey

*How integrating sustainability can improve business growth and competitiveness

This seminar is ideal for decision makers in small organisations who need to grasp the basics or gain greater insights into sustainability, but do not have an internal expert on sustainability in their business. Neither are they interested in accreditation or other costly 'bolted-on' solutions for their business.


Veronica Broomes, a Sustainability Expert, Researcher and Entrepreneur, is the Founder of the Sustainability Audit service at PHY Ltd, a Sheffield-based business. A dynamic and resourceful professional, Dr Broomes supports companies to find solutions that boost their competitiveness through integrating sustainability in the day-to-day operations. In the past year, she was an Independent Diagnostics Advisor on the Low Carbon Business Support Project for SMEs in the Sheffield City Region and previously completed sustainability audits for over 70 businesses through a UK charity.

Veronica has delivered customised training on 'Sustainability' (environmental, social, economic, governance) for senior decision-makers of small businesses, multinational agencies and government through business support agencies and private sector organisations in the UK and overseas.

Committed to continuous professional development, Veronica is a member of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. She also volunteers with Rotary GBI (Direct Membership Hub) and the Help to Grow Programme.

AI and your customers: Are humans replaceable?

Martin Brown

AI is all over the news and is being implemented in more ways than it ever has before, but what are the implications for your business? Do you want your customers talking to artificial intelligence or human advisors? Are you ready to take the leap forward that AI offers?

Join industry expert, Martin Brown (CCO of FM Outsource) for the ‘AI and your customers’ seminar live at the Sheffield Expo. During this FREE session, Martin will pose and answer the following questions:

  • Is AI replacing humans in customer service?
  • How can using AI enhance your business?
  • Is AI dangerous?
  • How can you implement AI in a way that will help both your customers and your bottom line?

Martin Brown, Chief Commercial Officer at FM Outsource

Martin is a founding shareholder at FM Outsource and his main passion is around the changing face of customer service.

The son of a miner and a self-confessed nerd with a strong background in IT and finance, he has seen how change can come quickly and sees customer service requirements as radically changing in the here and now.

Audience sharing - the new frontier of digital marketing

Viv Guys

Need to accelerate your audience growth but social media is too slow and Ads are too expensive?

Leads are THE lifeblood of your business. Without them your sales will plateau.

There are 3 ways to grow your audience:

1. Build one (social media - it's slow!)

2. Buy one (Ads - expensive, especially at the beginning)

3. Borrow one (Guest expert - be the expert in established, aligned communities)

Viv is a trailblazer in all things collaborative and she is going to walk you through her unique stance - that boring audiences is the best way to grow your reputation!

She will show you how you can generate 100 new email leads every month by building trust & amplifying your authority to become the go-to guest expert in your niche.

And then she'll show you exactly how to convert these new leads into sales!

In this workshop she'll be covering:

1. How to find aligned groups
2. How to actually grow by 100 new email subscribers every month
3. How to maximise your ROI from guest expert opportunities

Viv Guy is a natural entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses, one with an impressive annual turnover of £1.5 million. She discovered the negative impact that posting organic content on her social media channels was having on her work-life balance and her relationship with her daughters. As a result, she shifted her focus to collaborations and now specialises in teaching others how to use collaborative marketing and audience sharing to achieve success. Viv’s website is https://vivguy.com/.



We have two lives, and the second begins when we realise we only have one

Steve Lenagh

In this session, Steve will explore the power of the mind, the abilities we all have within us, and the reasons why we get stuck.
Referencing emotive lived experience and his personal journey throughout, this interactive session will both provoke thought, and inspire you to chase your dreams.

Steve is an ex professional footballer and police officer, who now dedicates his life to inspire and motivate others.

Marketing Cheat Sheet

Abby Abrames

Insiders guide to get the most out of your marketing and how to recognise a marketing scam

Abby started her career in press advertising in1998 for the Doncaster Star and won a number of awards with the Sheffield Newspapers Group. Moving into Account Management in 2003, Abby was lucky enough to develop and implement marketing campaigns for a number of impressive companies, including San Miguel, Johnson Matthey, Scotts and The W Abu Dhabi for the F1 launch. Working on these projects in London, Europe and the Middle East provided Abby with the skills, experience and knowledge that she relies on today. Although Abby has worked on independent projects for the last decade, she launched full time with Valley Marketing in 2017.

Valley Marketing is a collaborative set up, working with SME’s, helping them to understand marketing and how to stay in control. Ensuring that their expectations are met with a real return on investment. As a self-confessed “Google Geek” she understands the importance of digital and the role it can play in the success of any business, but at the same time doesn’t unnecessarily complicate the strategy. Abby’s no-nonsense, jargon free approach means that marketing becomes clear and easy to understand.



Social Media Aesthetics

Collette Evans


Collette Evans is an experienced and distinguished professional boasting over 21 years of photography expertise. As the visionary force behind "Picture Perfect Photography," Collette's vision shines in the realm of commercial photography, working from her cutting-edge studio based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire or on location. She excels in capturing the essence of products. Her ability to adapt compelling brand narratives, create product images and curate dynamic health & fitness visuals that resonate deeply across all marketing channels.

Beyond her photography, Collette extends her influence as a captivating public speaker. Audiences are enthralled as she shares invaluable insights on goal setting, effective business strategies, the craft of content creation, and even the world of bodybuilding. Her admirable commitment, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional skills have firmly established her as a highly sought-after professional in the realms of photography, business, and bodybuilding.

At "Picture Perfect Photography," we're more than just an image – we're your partners in creative visual strategy and consulting. Our strapline echoes our commitment to delivering transformative visuals that go beyond expectations. From concept to execution, Collette Evans and her team are dedicated to helping you craft a compelling visual narrative that leaves a lasting impact. Embark on a visual and motivational journey that transcends the ordinary, guided by the expert hands of Collette Evans.

Confidence Genie, Where are you?

Dave Williams

In this seminar Dave will show you How to draw on your Confidence Genie to achieve Greater Success!
How to identify your limiting thoughts and change them into empowering thoughts
How to power yourself to be at your most confident peak
How to positively stack your confidence to use all the time

Dave Williams is a #1 Bestselling Author, Multi-Award-Winning Master Coach and Speaker who has recently been awarded ‘Inspiration Man 2022’ by Mo2Vate Magazine.’